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Website Speed

Why is website speed important?

  • Google uses website load speed as a ranking factor. Given 2 websites that are equal in all other grading factors, Google will rank the website with the fastest load time higher in its search results.
  • Website speed is a low investment-high result fix that will improve your website standing in the search engines.

Website speed factors you can influence:

  • Speed of the server where your website is hosted.
  • Size of files on your pages (i.e. image file size).
  • Code behind your website (CSS, Javascript).

We measure your website speed using 4 powerful tools.

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Website Visibility

What factors influence website visibility?

Visibility is closely related to the keywords that you are attempting to “win” in the search engines. Your website is visible in relation to the keywords you are targeting. Therefore, to conduct the most informative website visibility test, we need your keyword list.

The following factors influence website visibility:

  • On-Page Optimization (Website construction.)
    • Website speed (see above).
    • Domain authority.
    • Length of domain registration both historical and into the future.
    • Keyword optimized domain.
    • Use of keywords in the metatags and image content and visible text of your website.
    • Proper registration in the search engines (sitemap submission…etc.).
  • Off-Page Optimization (Link Popularity)
    • Backlinks from high authority websites relevant to your target keywords. Included: Social media sites, industry directory sites, YouTube…etc.
    • Traffic
    • Number of website visitors.
    • Length of time visitors remain on your website.
    • Action visitors take on your website (links clicked, forms submitted…etc.)

Learn page by page what you need to do to increase the visibility of your website.

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Website Conversion

Why is website conversion important?

You created a business website in order to grow your business. No matter how fast or visible your website performs, no matter how many viewers your website attracts, until they take action and request your services or products, you’ve gained nothing.

Conversion represents your website’s ability to cause your viewers to take the favorable action you intend. For example, you may intend that visitors leave their contact information and place themselves on your email list. You may intend that visitors call you to schedule a consultation or purchase services and/or products.

Factors that influence website conversion:

  • Is your message clear? Is it interesting?
  • Do you rapidly connect with visitors around the needs they have that you can meet?
  • Is your solution clear?
  • Are the benefits of your product or service described clearly and with impact?
  • Is there a clear call to action?

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