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We Thematically Unify and Empower Your Content Marketing

Thematic vs. Random Content Marketing

Random content marketing asks: What shall I say on my website? What shall I say on Facebook? On Twitter? In a video? Every week you’re reinventing the wheel. You’re struggling with the question, “What shall I say this time in order to keep words going out?” There is no consistency of message. Random posts go out, just for the sake of “creating activity”.

There’s always the struggle to “come up with something to say”. And if you are struggling to find something to say, your reader is likely struggling to understand what you’ve posted and why. Struggling readers stop listening.

More effort is expended with less result.

Thematic content marketing broadcasts one theme over all media. It asks the question: What theme will I broadcast?

We begin by asking, “If you were to create a book filled with valuable information for your market audience, what would the chapter titles be?” We then create 25 chapter titles. These will be the 25 themes for your future marketing.

Every other week for the next year we’ll create a video on each theme. The video will become the basis for a blog article on your website. That article in turn will be the anchor article for an eblast to the contact list we’re growing for you. Finally, we’ll broadcast snippets on the theme through various social media. If you’re giving a networking presentation that week, you might also use the same theme.

Compared to random content marketing, with thematically unified content marketing…

  • Less effort is expended with greater result. You never waste time wondering what to say.
  • Your message makes greater sense to your audience.
  • Over time, you’re creating your book filled with valuable content for your market.
  • You’re positioning yourself as an information expert in your profession or industry niche.
  • Your visibility and credibility will lead to profitability.


Let us identify your key themes and activate this powerful marketing strategy for your business. Request your free consultation!