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Pay per click ads can be an extremely effective form of marketing for your business. Your ads show up immediately in the search engines with no long waiting time. Compare to waiting months for organic search engine optimization to take effect. PPC advertising can be like turning on a tap.

As the name implies, you only pay for the clicks that you receive, so you’re only charged for your effective ads that are being clicked. In addition, you are able to precision target your traffic so that only those viewers who are likely to purchase your product will see your ad, and be directed to your website. If targeted correctly, you may receive a substantial ROI on your PPC marketing dollar. However, the settings are highly complex, and if not configured correctly can result in a huge financial drain on your marketing dollar.

How Does PPC Work?

Most businesses use Google Adwords as the primary PPC network. So, your ads can appear on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results) page at the top, right or bottom of the list on page one as one of the ‘sponsored links’. If targeted correctly, the viewer will only see your ad when they are actively searching for your service or product, not when they are randomly searching the internet.

Since your viewers are highly targeted, this means they came to the internet already interested in what you’re offering, and they’re looking for it at the very moment they see your ad. If both your ad, and the corresponding landing page on your website are written with high “conversion” (sales) impact, you are likely to make a sale.

So you can see the crucial skills involved in running a successful PPC ad campaign: The ability to configure the complex Google settings to target your ad; keyword research skills and the ability to write with impact for viewer conversion. Then, there is the constant monitoring of your ad campaign performance and tweaking the settings and the message to improve results.

The good news is that once you get the right combination of targeting and writing with impact, you can replicate your approach on other PPC networks such as Google AdSense, Facebook ads, and other search engines such as Bing.

1st Insight Communications will help you to run a successful PPC campaign, beginning with a discussion of your options and the PPC networks that best fit your specific goals, and your brand.

Website Retargeting? What’s That?

Bringing Visitors Back To Your Website!

Some visitors will buy the first time they see your ad and click through to your website. But what about all those visitors who saw your ad, went to your website, then went away without purchasing your product or service, or contacting you? What if you had a second chance to present your sales message to those visitors?

Retargeting gives you this second chance! When the settings are configured correctly, the next few times those same visitors go back to the search engines, your ad will again appear on their search results page. This retargeting strategy has produced some dramatic results.

What Makes A Successful PPC Campaign?

The goal of a great PPC campaign is to reach the most highly targeted and receptive audience possible. To reach this goal, the campaign uses strategies like negative keywords, retargeting, smart ad design and persuasive copywriting. The sought after result is that when the viewer clicks on your advertisement, they’ll either buy your product or service, contact you with their buying questions or at the least, place themselves on your mailing list.

One element of good ad writing is that it is up-front and honest. In many cases, stating the price right in your ad heading builds trust. It also helps qualify viewers before you invest time and money in them. Remember, you only pay when they click on your ad, and you don’t want them to click if they can’t afford your product or service.

PPC works. This is why large corporations invest millions in PPC marketing. Amazon alone spends over 1 million dollars each day on PPC marketing.

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