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Website Grader Twitter Report for 1st Insight Communications Internet Marketing and Web Design

Feature Article:

Top 10 Steps to Being Found on Google

August 15, 2010

The holy grail of internet marketing is to appear on the first page of a Google search. It's possible! How do you do it? Here are 10 steps:

demoStep #1: Select a strategic search term that you can "win". What's that? Read more...


1st Insight Communications Internet Marketing Website Grader SuccessI've raised my own Website Grader SEO ranking from 30 to 96 and above, and I do this for my clients.


Why is this important? A higher SEO grade means more traffic to your website and more business--the success on the internet you've dreamed about!

My Secret: A Complete Internet Marketing System:

(Click image, view tool. If you view and purchase through these affiliate links I'll give you 1hr free internet marketing coaching. Just email me with your proof of purchase.)

1st Insight Communications Domain Registration and Hosting1) Economical domain registration and hosting and some very cool tools that YOU control.

No more being held hostage by a web designer you cannot access. I've liberated a lot of clients who did not even have ownership of their own business domain!! I'll even help you select an SEO attracting domain name--which is your single most important move. Following that, I'll help you get set up on the internet for success, guiding you in how to gather everything you need into one super-powerful staging area--that YOU own.

2) Email Marketing Services

Your email marketing strategy will inexpensively keep you top of mind to your market contacts so that when they think about using the services and products you offer, they will contact you first. These tools will get you 50% there. If you go through my affiliate link, I'll help you with one hour free email marketing strategic coaching to get you across the finish line.

1st Insight Communications Email MarketingA) Email Marketing Subscription Service

This service is a monthly subscription service and works best for your main contact list--your clients, prospects and friends. The value is in the deliverability. Emails delivered from this service have the highest deliverability rate. You login to an online dashboard where you can upload and manage your contact lists, create cool email templates, create sign-up forms to place on your website (any who sign up automatically are placed on your contact list, send or pre-schedule emails, and monitor open and click rates instantly once the email is sent.

Mass Email Marketing ToolB) Mass Email Sending Tool

Your sales can be directly traced to the size of your main email subscription list. But how do you rapidly grow your email subscription list? This tool is the answer. Use it to locate emails on the internet and send millions of prospecting emails. Once you capture the attention of a prospect, you can move that prospect to your subscription-based main contact list (above). You download the management software onto your computer. There is a learning curve, but the results are well worth your investment. This is just about the best sales prospecting tool on the internet with the potential of generating an endless stream of new leads and sales.


1st Insight Communications Twitter Internet Marketing for Business3) An awesome tool that turns Twitter (social media marketing) into the most powerful prospecting tool on the planet.

Use this tool to quickly grow a following, and with my 1-hr free expert social media coaching, if you go through my affiliate link, you'll be able to migrate new contacts from your competitors, and land them in your email marketing contact list! From there, you will convert them from viewers into clients, with my simple email marketing strategy. By the way, I used this tool to create 25,000 Twitter followers in just 4 months for myself. You can target followers by interest and geography too!


back-links for greater website visibility, page rank and SEO4) Up to 50% of your ranking on Google depends on how many other websites are linking BACK to your site (called "backlinks").

Here is my tool that helps you create hundreds of valuable backlinks (click the image to your left). This tool actually enables others to easily request a backlink exchange with you (reciprocal linking). If set up correctly, you may begin to receive link exchange requests from other website owners almost daily. Your search engine ranking will rise accordingly. View this tool in action on my website, and request a link exchange with me. Once again, if you go through my affiliate link, I will give you a free 1hr coaching session in setting up this tool for maximum effectiveness.


article-submitter-pro-backlinks-for-website-seo5) Create even more backlinks by simultaneously submitting an article to over 1,000 internet article directories.

Here is the tool I use to accomplish this SEO miracle. While the set-up takes a bit of time (you need to individually register with all the internet directories), once you're set up, you can easily submit article after article--creating around 1000 back links to your website each time! If you go through my affiliate link, I will give you a free 1hr coaching session in setting up this tool for maximum effectiveness.


1st Insight Communications Internet Marketing, Finding Clients6) There's a lot more.

View my 900 pages of free articles right on this site. Start with my series on SEO (website visibility). Go ahead and steal my winning strategy. How to set up a winning blog. How to use search engine-grabbing videos. Much much more. You can even hire me economically to accelerate your progress, freeing you up to go about your own business.





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