User Interaction Is Everything – Create a Smart Website!

Smart websites cause viewers to linger longer, feel heard, find answers customized to their questions, essentially, begin the customer relationship with you before you have even met. By the time you meet your website viewer, they already know exactly what they want and how you can help them. The viewer is already your customer!

What is a smart website?

You’re probably familiar with a Realtor website where you can enter the exact features of the home you’re looking for (location, # of bedrooms…etc.), and the site delivers up a list of available homes that fit your criteria. Then, you can enter a few statistics and find out the amount of mortgage loan you may qualify for. You find exactly what you want, and you’re ready to contact the Realtor to show you some homes! The customer relationship has begun though you haven’t yet met the Realtor. That’s a smart website!

But why should Realtors have all the smart sites? Let’s think creatively…

What would your customers like to know in order to move along the first steps of the buying process before they even meet you?

How might a smart website grow your business more rapidly?

Customized Help On Your Site Initiates the Client Relationship

You might be an auto dealer who sees the value in having customers select and configure their new car before they enter the showroom. Or, perhaps you’re a health practitioner who wants viewers to be able to ask questions and begin exploring needs and options and find some help on your website. Know that if your website viewer experiences customized value while they’re on your site, this alone will help them make the decision to contact you in the first place. If they don’t find this quality of customized help on your website, it’s getting to the point where they will find another business website that provides that help. Period.

Customized Help On Your Website Grows the Client Relationship

Stellar customer service creates client loyalty which in turn leads to client retention and client referrals.

Ask yourself, “How Can My Website Help My Existing Clients?”

  • Can service requests be submitted through your website?
  • Does your website allow clients to ask questions and quickly find customized answers?
  • Can clients submit detailed requests for new services or products?
  • Can clients submit information that will help create more effective client meetings and follow-up?

How can a smart website help you provide better, more customized service to your clients, leading to additional business growth?

Think: What if your smart web application were so successful you could package and market it to others?

How Can I Make My Website Smart?

Smart websites are easier and more affordable than you may think. At 1st Insight Communications, we understand the importance of smart websites, and have partnered with the best data engineers to help our clients into a business-growing smart website. Our primary partnership is with Gordon Jones of Mult-T-tech.

Through this partnership we are able to coordinate our front-end web design with smart back-end data engineering to provide you with a smart website. Advances in technology have placed smart websites within the grasp of every business.

Some Additional Services Through Our Mult-T-tech Partners:

  • Integrated, Networked Office Communications and Technology
  • Computer & Technology Planning
  • Equipment Acquisition and Set-up
  • Office Technology Maintenance
  • Office Technology Security and Backup Services

With the right data engineers combined with the coordinated web development, business strategy and integrated marketing services of 1st Insight Communications, your business will be positioned for dramatic growth in the coming months, even in a competitive market.

For a free quote and to find out more, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk!